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Orphan Outreach

Our Board

Bryan Larson

Chair, Board member since 2017

“I think there are something like forty commands in the Bible to care for widows and orphans. The way the North American Church is organized, it isn’t really equipped on its own to care for orphans around the world. What I feel Orphan Outreach does so well is provide an opportunity for churches and individuals to fulfill that biblical command. I think Orphan Outreach is uniquely equipped to do that. I can think of no one that's doing it better or more efficiently.”

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Luis Argote

Board member since 2014

“The ideal situation for us at Orphan Outreach is to create structure for the kids, to bring them the word of Christ, and to try and help them in any way we can while protecting what is familiar to them. That's the beauty of it. They don't feel uprooted, you don't take them out of their culture or away from their friends and family.”

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Bob Beams

Board member since 2009

“It really is a passion of my heart to be able to serve. Orphan Outreach is serving thousands of children around the world. They are doing the best job of any para-church organization I know of. It’s just a joy to be a part of it; whether it’s sitting on the board or across the table from an 8 year-old, helping them with a math problem.”

Meet Bob...

Sandra Doty

Board member since 2018

Mike Douris

Board member since 2007

“I’ve never met a kid who said they want to grow up in an orphanage. They all want families. Every one of them dreams of being more than what people expect them to be. They have dreams of being doctors and lawyers and teachers—and that’s true for every kid around the world. It’s a blessing to be able to walk through life with them; through the tragedies and victories. It creates a bond that’s hard to describe.”

Meet Mike...

Cindy Easley

Board member since 2018

“I respect Orphan Outreach’s strategy to keep kids in country, if possible. While I’m pro-adoption, I believe raising them in smaller Christian orphanages, within their own culture, can be better in the long run. I haven't been to a partner orphanage yet that the kids weren't very well taken care of and loved.”

Meet Cindy...

Cobi Porter

Board member since 2017

“My prayer for the board is that we would have wisdom as we grow. Over the last ten years the ministry has grown so much. I pray we would have the wisdom to know which ministries to partner with, how to develop them, and how best to support the kids. My greatest hope for our ministry partners is that we would reach the individuals we serve with the Gospel, that they would come to know Jesus and for their life to change because of it.”

Meet Cobi...

Esther Rogers

Board member since 2007

“This is something I continually pray for Orphan Outreach. I pray for God to open doors to more programs and that Orphan Outreach would be able to continue working with our existing partners. As the attitude changes across the world, I pray God would bless our programs and our in-country staff. I pray He would protect them, give them opportunities, and open doors for them.”

Meet Esther...

Blair Pogue

Board member since 2007

“Orphan Outreach never set out to become a huge ministry. We don’t want it to become unwieldy to the point that we’re not serving the children the way we originally intended. You know, if we’re going to work in a country, we’re going to give 100%. We’re going to have the right staff on the ground, the right accountability, funding...everything.”

Meet Blair...

Joyce Rogge

Board member since 2012

“We have this wonderful culture of caring not only for the people that we minister to but also for the staff, the volunteers, and even the donors who are a part of the Orphan Outreach family. One thing I find so admirable and is so well-respected within the nonprofit community is that we have such a high ethical creed. It’s something that's constantly challenged in the countries we serve.”

Meet Joyce...

Trey Velvin

Board member since 2014

“There's an emotional charge to our work, you know. You take people on mission trips and they get attached to the kids and partner organizations they serve. But I have learned in order to be effective, you have to treat it as a business. Orphan Outreach cannot tolerate partners who aren't willing to work within our standard of care and best practices. I appreciate the fact that we will walk away if certain things come to light.”

Meet Trey...