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Orphan Outreach


The Problem

There are nearly 3 million children who are orphaned in Kenya. 700 children are orphaned each day due to the impact of HIV.

18.5 million Kenyans live below the poverty line. In Nairobi alone, 70% of the population lives in slums, and 70% of the children in those slums do not attend school.

35 million Kenyans lack access to basic medical care.

26% of girls and 32% of boys experience violence as a child.

Though the country has made strides to make education more affordable, indirect costs for secondary school are still ten to twenty times more than the monthly income of most rural Kenyan families, making higher education out of reach for children.

Our Response

Orphan Outreach responds to the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya in 3 ways:

We offer tangible hope by meeting the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of orphaned and vulnerable children. 

We invest in community outreach programs that strengthen and preserve families in high-risk, impoverished areas. These programs provide nutritious meals, access to Christian education, quality counseling and mentoring, and urgently needed medical care.

We equip students and their families with the resources needed to continue their educational journey through junior high and high school.


Our Ministry Programs

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Community Outreach Program, Narok County

The Narok Community Outreach Program provides essentials like food, counseling, and mentorship to orphaned and vulnerable Maasai children and their families living in Narok County. This remote region of Kenya is often overlooked, and most families lack the resources to provide the most basic of care to children. Malnutrition rates are high and educational opportunity is limited. As the initiative grows, educational and agricultural programs will be added.

Ministry Emphasis:

Community Outreach, Family Strengthening, Humanitarian Aid

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ACK Madeleine Centre, Mechimeru, Bungoma County

ACK Madeleine Centre is a private Christian school offering holistic care and support for children living in the village of Mechimeru, Kenya. Students in pre-K through 9th grade not only receive a quality education, but also are provided two meals each day. Trained counselors and medical workers serve both the students and their families, and an agricultural program offers both nutrition for the school and job training for the students.

Ministry Emphasis:

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Patmos School, Mathare Slum, Nairobi

Patmos School offers more than an education to students in grades pre-K through 9th grade in the Mathare Slum of Nairobi, Kenya. It provides Christ-centered counseling, nutritious meals, medical care, and safe haven to orphaned and vulnerable children living in one of Africa’s largest and poorest slums. The goal of Patmos is to break the cycle of poverty that pervades the community.

Ministry Emphasis:

Therapeutic Care, Educational Support, Medical Care, Community Outreach, Family Strengthening, Humanitarian Aid

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Higher Education Assistance, communities throughout Kenya

Less than 50% of students advance from primary school to high school in Kenya. Orphan Outreach provides both scholarships and emotional support to better equip children from both Patmos School and ACK Madeleine Centre to continue their education after completing primary school and passing the required national educational examinations.

Ministry Emphasis:

Educational Support

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Joseph's DreamCoat

Joseph DreamCoat grants in Kenya offer financial support to families ready to provide safe, nurturing Christian homes to children through adoption.

Ministry Emphasis:

Foster & Adoption Support

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