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Special people who have a special purpose...

Craig DiGiovanni vividly remembers the moment he saw a young girl living in a high-risk, impoverished area of Honduras, wearing his daughter’s dress on one of his first trips with Orphan Outreach.The few seconds left a lasting imprint on his heart, not only because a part of his daughter was being left with the girl, but also because he saw his daughter discover joy and understanding as she spent time with the girl. The simple gift of a new dress and hair accessories had made a world of difference.

Craig has always been mission-minded. When the opportunity was presented to travel to Honduras with Orphan Outreach in 2010, he and his wife thought it would be a great opportunity for their two sons and daughter to see the world in a different light. In 2012, they went for a second time.

“It was an eye-opening experience. My family and I saw things that most people don’t get to see outside of their bubble,” Craig shared. The family witnessed kids scrapping for food and clean water or asking for a few dollars so they could afford to eat - often fighting adults for the same things.

From then on, Craig knew he wanted to make a difference with Orphan Outreach. He loves the ministry, the people, what it represents, and the work done around the world.

You’ve got special people with a special purpose serving special people.It’s a wonderful formula. It is the formula. Without a doubt, Orphan Outreach’s strength is that everything is centered around Christ. The organization started with that as its heartbeat and has continued to keep that at the center of everything it does.” In 2022, Craig accepted the position of serving on Orphan Outreach’s board.

Craig feels a deep, courageous call-to-action tied to Revelation 3:15-16. He shares there is a responsibility- not a mere suggestion - to use what the Lord has blessed you with to bless others by sharing Christ through serving them.

“It took a lot of courage for Mike Douris and the Orphan Outreach founders to step out and start this. It takes courage for someone to come to work in a world of uncertainty. It takes courage to go on mission trips and tackle these really difficult problems.Yet, Orphan Outreach exhibits courage day in and day out, whether it be through fundraising, working with governments, or physically going into dangerous places to try to serve people where the odds are insurmountable. To me, every interaction I have with Orphan Outreach, their courage has always stuck out to me and resonates with me.

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