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Orphan Outreach

You can't help but want to get involved...

Wilson Williams has played an important role in Orphan Outreach since its inception in 2007. He and his wife caught the vision the founding president Mike Douris shared with them, and they both felt the Lord’s calling to take part. In 2010, he officially became a board member of Orphan Outreach.

For months, Wilson and the Orphan Outreach team traveled all over Honduras and Guatemala searching for opportunities to invest in. Through these trips, the need for a ministry like Orphan Outreach became undeniably evident and only made Wilson more committed to the organizations mission and vision. He witnessed firsthand the critical needs of children and their families, as well as the lack of access to education and nutrition in poor and impoverished communities.

I’ve traveled all around the world and have never seen such impoverished areas. It really put everything in perspective.”

Wilson saw the greatest need in two specific areas: childcare and education. He shares that orphaned and vulnerable children are the ones who suffer most from political and social disruptions in their communities. On top of that, not having adequate education only keeps them in the cycle of poverty and limits their opportunities.

Undaunted, Wilson also saw a chance for hope to shine.

He recalls a trip they took to a small community on the outskirts of Guatemala City where around 30 children had gathered on a Sunday morning to sing Jesus Loves Me.” Most of them wore no shoes and torn clothes, but Wilson could see the joy in their hearts as they took the words as unadulterated truth.

“To see that, you can’t help but want to get involved in the changing of lives.”

Wilson left that day reminded of this truth: “God is everywhere. He is not just God of Dallas, God of the church you go to, or even God of just my life. He is working everywhere.”

The spiritual impact of Orphan Outreach reaches beyond the children and into their homes with some of them bringing their parents and families to church-changing lives and breaking generational cycles.

Having two children and five grandchildren who he has also shared the mission of Orphan Outreach with, Wilson shares that knowing the importance of the needs helps you understand the blessings.

“On these trips you see how happy people are, even if they don’t have anything or are blessed differently. It straightens out how you lead your own life, how you think, and how many blessings you have that you may not realize.”

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