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Orphan Outreach

New Hope for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in Honduras

Hope of Jesus, a children’s home near San Pedro Sula, Honduras, has joined Orphan Outreach as its newest partner ministry.  The partnership was an easy decision led by the Lord, says Katherine Cheng, director of programs in Latin America. “We met them about a year ago,” she says. “It was quickly evident how aligned our...   continue

Loving the Outcasts

Patient zero: It’s the term used by epidemiologists to describe the first carrier of a disease. So what do we call the person who decreases its transmissions and betters the lives of its victims?At Gan Sabra HIV Home and community outreach program in India, we call her Lucy.When Lucy began working in community outreach, HIV...   continue

WOW Celebrates 10 Years of Service

Ten years ago, a group of moms and their middle-school daughters went on a mission trip to Guatemala where they worked with vulnerable children and orphans. The girls were so impacted by their experience, that they knew they had to do something more. That something more was Women for Orphans Worldwide, the volunteer-led auxiliary...   continue

Love Pours Down

To get to House of Grace in Manali, India, you’ll need to take a long drive up the Himalayas, winding around steep mountains and narrow curves. The end of the path is on foot, where you’ll be greeted by snow-capped mountains that shine like a glittery backdrop around the children's home. “We walked up to a big blue gate...   continue

Prepared for the Work

Since the beginning of her career, God was preparing Brenda Rivera for her role as Executive Director of ANIFU (Associación Niñez con Futuro), Orphan Outreach’s partner NGO in Guatemala. She couldn’t see that while she was living out her profession, but it’s clear to her now. Rivera worked as an auditor for private...   continue

Seven Great Ideas to Help Make Adoption Debt-Free

It is possible to adopt without going into debt. Sometimes all it takes is finding the courage to put yourself out there and do some fundraising! Fundraising for an adoption gives others the opportunity to participate in the mission of giving a child a home and solidifies the community that will welcome them into their fold. We...   continue

Sponsorship Leads to Friendship in Guatemala

As soon as Sarah Winfree stepped foot in the Down Syndrome School in Guatemala City, all she could think about was meeting her sponsor child.She had spent a lot of time praying for 6-year-old Franklyn and writing him letters. His pictures hung in her home in Ohio. Even though she hadn’t even met him yet, she loved him like her...   continue

Making Adoption Costs Manageable

Covering adoption fees without going into debt isn’t as difficult as it may seem. There are many ways to manage the cost of domestic and international adoption. Prospective parents can enlisting support from friends and family, host fundraisers and apply to grants like Joseph’s DreamCoat to make their dream a reality. In...   continue

Child's Death Spurs New Program to Equip Families, Improve Parenting

In July of 2017, five-year old Ivans Berladins got on a bus alone. He rode for a while and got out at the wrong stop. He was 13 miles from his hometown in the Naval Port of Liepaja, Latvia. And he was lost. Not long after his disappearance, four thousand Latvians joined in search efforts to find a small, blonde-haired, blue-eyed...   continue