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Orphan Outreach

2022-2023 Annual Report 

Honduras 1


Through our 4 ministry programs in Honduras in 2022:
524 children and families were served 

MINISTRY FOCUS AREA:  Orphan Prevention/Child Welfare Reform


Even though it takes 10-year-old Fernando more than 30 minutes to walk from his home to the NiCo community program in La Paz, Honduras, he always arrives early, eager to learn. He and his family live in a simple home in a neighborhood nicknamed La Invasion because of the number of migrant families who settled on undeveloped land near a contaminated stream. Employment opportunities are limited, and most parents work as day laborers to provide care for their children. Fernando’s mom learned about NiCo from neighbors and thought it might mean hope for her son. Fernando struggled with comprehending the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics, and participating in groups was difficult for him. Now, a year later, Fernando is thriving, thanks to the tutoring, counseling, and nutritious snacks he and 70 other children receive at NiCo. His mom sees the difference, and she says she is grateful for all of the support and love given to her son.

More about NiCo: 

NiCo is a community outreach center that provides Christ-centered care to vulnerable children in the town of La Paz. The Early Childhood Development program serves the needs of pre-school and kindergarten students and the after-school program offers help to students in 1st through 6th grades. The program provides each child with tutoring, mentoring, nutritious meals, Bible study, counseling, and therapy.

Guatemala 1


Through our 9 ministry programs in Guatemala in 2022:
1,559 children, young adults, and families were served 

MINISTRY FOCUS AREA:  Orphan Prevention/Special Needs



Wilmer was 15 years old when he was approached by a member of the Community Outreach Center (the CCC) in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, and invited to join the after school program. Working at the Ravine, a dump located on the outskirts of town, had become a way of life for the young boy and his family. Rather than attend school, Wilmer would journey along the backroads to the dump, then help unload the large trucks filled with refuse. Families who work at the Ravine are required to sort recyclables from the trash, and then are free to look for items that might be repurposed or resold to earn a living. Wilmer was asked if he dreamt of a better future. His mom was the first to encourage him to say yes to the CCC. The journey wasn’t an easy one, but Wilmer returned to school and was provided tutoring, mentoring, counseling, and nutritious meals at the CCC. He found friendships as he joined the 87 children who receive care through the CCC Montessori preschool, after-school program, and high school program. Six years later, Wilmer graduated from high school and is now attending university. His dream is to one day create a nonprofit that will provide access to care for vulnerable children.

More about the CCC: 

The Outreach Center in Chimaltenango provides physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual support to vulnerable children and families. Children receive two meals a day, counseling, school supplies, and Bible studies. The Montessori teaches the preschool children, the after-school program provides tutoring for elementary students, and high school students can receive tutoring and scholarships to help with high school tuition costs.


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