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Orphan Outreach


The Problem

There are an estimated 47,000 children currently in orphanages in Russia.

The number of children considered orphaned or vulnerable is significantly higher, but guardianship and foster care offer alternatives to traditional residential programs.

Young adults who age out of the child protective system have no safe place to call home. Transitional housing is nearly impossible to find, and homes provided to orphan graduates by the government or as part of an inheritance are often unlivable. Only 10% of orphans who age out of traditional residential care are able to successfully transition into adulthood.

Our Response

Orphan Outreach responds to the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in Russia in 3 ways:

We offer tangible hope by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of children who have been removed from abuse or neglect and placed in the orphanage system.

We provide training, mentorship, and social services support to foster care and adoptive families.

We provide safe, nurturing support for young adults as they leave the child protective system and navigate the transition to independent living. 


Our Ministry Programs

Russia Community

Orphanage Support

Government-run orphanages in the St. Petersburg Region provide sanctuary and basic care for children of all ages who have been orphaned or removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Additionally, specially designated homes are designed to serve children with special needs. Up to 90% of all children who enter the child protective system in Russia remain in the system until they age out as teenagers.

Ministry Emphasis:

Humanitarian Aid, Urgent Needs

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Family Support Program

The Family Support Program oversees families providing care to children ranging in age from infant to 18 through foster care, kinship, and adoption. Training, support, and wraparound care is provided to each of the families. Additionally, staff psychologists and social workers provide each new child who is orphaned with personalized care. They assess which family will be the right match, and they also identify at-risk families and work with them to either grow stronger or to find safe alternatives for the children. The goal is to reduce abandonment by creating healthy family structure.

Ministry Emphasis:

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Aging Out Program, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region

The need for quality support for children who are orphaned doesn’t end when those children age out of traditional care. Young adults who age out of orphanages in Russia face unsure futures, and without personalized care, the odds of a thriving adult life are not in their favor.

Ministry Emphasis:

Therapeutic Care, Educational Support, Transitional Support, Humanitarian Aid, Urgent Needs

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