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Orphan Outreach

The Impact of Your Giving

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At Orphan Outreach, everything we do is with the best interest of the child in mind. This central ethos gives purpose and impact to every part of our ministry, whether it be the programs we choose to partner alongside, the mission teams we send, or the way in which we market our ministry.

One area that is particularly driven with our children in mind, is our development and fundraising efforts.

Tiffany Taylor Wines, Co-Founder and Vice President of Development at Orphan Outreach, takes this mandate very seriously. She and the rest of the staff at Orphan Outreach do all they can to ensure each dollar given is used in a way that makes the greatest impact for both the child and its community.

So, what are the various ways to give? And what kind of impact does each avenue make? The first, and broadest way to give is through the Orphan Outreach general fund.

“The biggest blessing for us right now, especially as we get closer to the year’s end, is general gifts,” explained Tiffany. “These funds fill any budgetary gaps we have. Every year, we have a shortfall that we need to make up because of urgent needs that have come in all year long. When donors give to our general fund, they are helping us meet those needs.”

While there is a general fund for the global work being done through Orphan Outreach, there are also general funds for each specific country and program we serve. If a donor has a heart specifically for Russia, they can give to the Russia general fund and support all the programs running within that country. If, however, they have fallen in love with a certain program, they can donate specifically to that program, as well.

“When a donor supports a specific program, let’s say the Day Center in Latvia, then their funds go towards the day-to-day expenses of running that program. It covers the Day Center’s rent and the teacher’s salaries. It provides security guards, cleaning services, and anything else that goes into providing a safe place for children to come after school, receive some tutoring, and enjoy a meal,” shared Tiffany.

Donating in any way is sure to make an impact, and it is often assumed the reach of those donations is limited to Orphan Outreach programs alone. But according to Tiffany, because we are investing in in-country programs, the impact of our giving extends far beyond the walls of our ministries.

“I don’t think people consider the deeper, community-level impact these gifts are having. For example, throughout the pandemic, we were feeding families in Guatemala, and I remember seeing pictures of this beautiful produce going out. I was so excited because I realized that there was a farmer out there who was given a fair wage for his produce, and now he would have funds to feed his family. Plus, he could pay his employees, and they could, in turn, feed their families. When you support a local program like that, it creates this incredibly powerful trickle-down effect in their economy. We’re able to impact lives well beyond the lives of our children.”

Another long-term, wide-reaching blessing is child sponsorship. Not only does sponsorship speak volumes of love and support to each child, but it also provides stability and support to each program.

“One thing about sponsorship is that it provides us with foreknowledge. So when we look at our budget, we know that we can count on "X" amount to cover a child’s needs each month. It allows us to hire and pay for staff, it pays for meals, school supplies, registration fees- you name it. Sponsorship gifts really provide stability to a program. The best part is that 100% of sponsorship money goes to that country to support the programs and the children they serve,” Tiffany explained.

Finally, one of the greatest (and most fun) ways to support Orphan Outreach is by participating in the Women for Orphans Worldwide Luncheon and the Children’s Hope Dinner.

“We put on two major events each year, the WOW Market & Luncheon in early winter and the Children’s Hope Dinner in the Spring,” said Tiffany. “These events are huge for us not only because they provide financially to our ministry, but also because they introduce others to what we're doing. So when our trusted friends and partners buy a table, the impact goes well beyond the money spent purchasing that ticket. It expands through the friends they invite who now have the opportunity to hear God's heart for the orphaned and get involved through their own giving.”

Regardless of how you give, Orphan Outreach is determined to use those funds to the best of its ability. It’s this trust that has paved the way to continued giving throughout the years.

“We are aware that many of our donors are giving sacrificially; we are very sensitive to that. So we keep the donor’s wishes in mind and make sure their money is going where they have asked for it to go. For example, if someone gives us $10 for a backpack, we're gonna make sure it goes to the backpack fund.

“We appreciate our donors at every level, there's no gift too small, and there's no gift too big. It takes money to do the work we do, and we couldn’t do it without our donor partners. So we appreciate them, we pray for them, we're just so thankful for their part,” Tiffany expressed.

There are so many ways to give to Orphan Outreach, ranging from the board general funds to the specific giving of sponsorship. No matter how you choose to give, you can be assured your gifts will make an impact.

How will you choose to get involved? Contact us today and let us help you find the best way to support the ministry work of Orphan Outreach. Or give right now and your donation is doubled (up to $300,000)!

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