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Orphan Outreach

Here for Good, There for Good

Glen Brechner, the executive pastor at Chase Oaks Church, has always been passionate about making a deep and lasting impact on the world. In 2018, he embarked on a life-changing mission trip to NiCo, Orphan Outreach’s community outreach center providing Christ-centered care to vulnerable children in the town of La Paz, Honduras.

It was on this journey that he witnessed firsthand the challenging conditions families faced, where children had to prioritize work over education in order to support their family. Glen and his team stepped into these homes, offering tangible assistance like rice and sustenance, and were met with the warmest hospitality from these resilient families.

Their experiences in Honduras left an indelible mark on Glen and his church, which believes in being "here for good, there for good." They sought to partner with organizations already doing remarkable work, and Orphan Outreach (OO) stood out. Glen resonated deeply with Orphan Outreach's mission of serving vulnerable populations, especially children, and providing them with hope in seemingly hopeless situations. OO's holistic, long-term approach aligned perfectly with Chase Oaks’ values.

Glen reflected on the strengths of OO, praising their clear mission, strong strategy, and the measurable long-range impact being made in Hondurasincluding children applying for college and families reuniting.He appreciated the opportunity for the church to be a vital part of so many of the stories of hope as they had the opportunity to reveal God’s heart for the orphaned and vulnerable.

“I think God has a very special place in his heart for kids, and I think Orphan Outreach both reflects and amplifies that.”

One of Glen's favorite aspects of orphan care ministry has been seeing his church body get involved in child sponsorships. This tangible connection has allowed the congregation to shape their hearts for the world and for God. What began as a mission trip has become a long-term partnership between Chase Oaks and Orphan Outreach, a beautiful collaboration that continues to make a lasting difference.

In 2022, Glen joined Orphan Outreach's board of directors.

Looking ahead, Glen's philanthropic goals are clear—to amplify the work of organizations like Orphan Outreach, create life-giving experiences for their church members, and extend a wide invitation to a narrow road of service. Honduras is just one of the bright lights they aim to illuminate. Their approach is guided by listening to where God is working and joining in, understanding that fruitful outcomes require time and dedication.

In Glen Brechner and Chase Oaks Church, Orphan Outreach has found dedicated partners who are not only committed to making a difference but also believe that, with patience and persistence, the seeds of change will bear fruit, not just quantitatively, but in the hearts and lives of those they serve.

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