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Orphan Outreach

Step One

Visit the Orphan Outreach page on Facebook, and click on "fundraisers" in the left sidebar.

Facebook Fundraiser Img1


On the Fundraiser page, click on “Raise Money”, then type in the amount you’d like to raise to meet immediate needs like food for kids and families. Click “next.”

Facebook Fundraiser Img2


Title your fundraiser something like this: Let’s provide emergency care for orphaned and vulnerable kids! Or Help me help orphaned and vulnerable kids!


Right now, children and their families around the world are in crisis due to COVID. That’s why I’m partnering with Orphan Outreach to help provide emergency care for orphaned and vulnerable kids! Just $40 meets immediate needs like food for a full month. Let’s restore hope—together.

Facebook Fundraiser Img3

Step Five

Cover Photos; (click right to save image as -- and then upload it to your fundraiser)

Fb Fundraiser Cover Photos 01

Fb Fundraiser Cover Photos 02

Fb Fundraiser Cover Photos 03



Facebook Fundraiser Img4

Share your fundraiser and be sure to tag us so we can support you too!