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Orphan Outreach

Lake Atitlan Initiatives

Located in Lake Atitlan region

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In the Lake Atitlan communities of Santiago and Cerro de Oro, Orphan Outreach provides essentials of care to preschool, elementary, and secondary students and their families with quality Gospel-centered education, technology training, tuition support, nutrition, and more.

Good Shepherd Christian Academy is a community outreach program serving Santiago, Panabaj, and Cerro de Oro in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. The school initially opened its doors for children left displaced when neighborhoods were destroyed after Hurricane Stan ravaged the nearby community of Panabaj. Since then, the school has expanded its care to children throughout the Santiago region.

Meet the children at the Good Shepherd Christian Academy

Qualifying students who graduate from Good Shepherd are offered tuition support to encourage continued education through secondary school..

Meet the children in the Higher Education Program

Community outreach efforts in neighboring Cerro de Oro serve indigenous people groups rarely provided care by the Guatemalan government, and Orphan Outreach remains committed to overcoming both language and cultural barriers to provide care for those in need.

Orphan Outreach's newest ministry initiative is the Outreach Center at Paguacal, a public school in Cerro de Oro, where nutritious meals are provided to elementary school students in need and tutoring and technology training to middle school students based on the CadaNiño educational model found in other areas in Guatemala.

Orphan Outreach has worked in the Lake Atitlan region since 2009, when it partnered with Pastor Diego and El Buen Pastor Baptist Church in Santiago to found the Good Shepherd Christian Academy as a response to the overwhelming need for access to education for children living in extreme poverty. Ongoing support includes child sponsorship for both elementary and secondary students, church partnership, and mission teams that not only work at the school but also provide mentorship, tutoring, medical clinics, and humanitarian aid efforts in the villages of Panabaj and Cerro de Oro.

Your generous gift will bring joy and purpose to children in Guatemala.

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Ministry EmphasisCommunity Outreach, Partnership, Medical Care, Family Strengthening
Ways to ConnectSponsorship, Mission Trips, Advocacy, Prayer, Giving