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Orphan Outreach

Community Outreach

Located in Leningrad region

Russia Community

Government homes in the St. Petersburg region provide sanctuary and basic care for children of all ages who have been orphaned or removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. Additionally, specially designated homes are designed to serve children with special needs. Up to 90% of all children who enter the orphanage system in Russia remain in the system until they age out as teenagers.

Orphan Outreach has provided ministry support to government homes, working alongside local volunteers to provide for the physical and emotional needs of the children. Working with local volunteers, Orphan Outreach offers humanitarian aid for urgent needs, and mission teams provide tutoring, mentoring, life skills, and social activities.

Your generous gift will bring joy and purpose to children in Russia.

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Ministry EmphasisHumanitarian Aid, Urgent Needs
Ways to ConnectMission Trips, Prayer, Giving
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