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Aging Out Program

The Aging Out Program team works with orphanage directors to identify candidates for the aging out initiative, and a personalized transition plan is designed for each graduate to help them learn to live independently. They then come alongside each young adult to provide the emotional, physical, and spiritual support they need. Those young adults learn how to live independently which starts by finding a place to live or transitioning to a vocational school or college.

The goal of the Aging Out Program in Ukraine is to help as many of these young adults as possible, providing them a safe, nurturing support system that will enable them to become thriving adults filled with purpose. This often includes helping to find or create safe housing, providing guidance on the best path for education, and working through their legal rights as an orphan. The assistance goes even further, teaching the graduate how to manage a budget, shop for and prepare meals, and develop healthy relationships with others. The Aging Out Program in Ukraine also involves the local church in mentoring these children and walking alongside them to teach them how to face every day and every problem with the hope of Christ.

Orphan Outreach began its work in Ukraine in 2016, thanks to its long-standing partnership with LifePoint Church in Maryland. Orphan Outreach helps provide the resources needed for orphans who have aged out to secure safe housing, receive medical and dental care, and more. Sponsorship helps with ongoing needs, and mission teams offer job skills and life skills training.

Nastya N in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: UNIV
DOB: 7/27/98

Nastya lost her mother when she was just a small child and that's when she came to the orphanage. Nastya never knew her father. She currently rents an apartment with one of her relatives. She has half of a house which she inherited but it is not fit to live in as it needs repairs and installation of gas, electricity, water and a sewage system.
She finished her studies of accounting at University last year.
Now, Nastya makes steps in her main dream for next few years to become a
professional photographer. She practices a lot. She studied a basic course of photography and has started to do photo sessions just for practice . She also started to make content for the aging-out program social media, she is very talented. She always has dreams and tries to make her dreams true. She continues to seek her
calling in life. She dreams of traveling the world but for now, she likes to travel in Ukraine and study English. Nastya is very intelligent, kind and sensible. She is always grateful and loving.Please pray that Nasty comes to know Jesus. She is acceptable to the Word of God but hasn’t invited Him to her heart yet. Please also pray for her health and future.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23266

Ksusha F in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: N/A
DOB: 11/28/98

Ksusha's mother was put in prison when Ksusha was twelve years old, and that's when she came to live at the orphanage. Ksusha is a young mother whose son is 1 and a half years old. She and her husband love him and take great care of him. After graduation from the orphanage, Ksusha studied accounting in technical school and dreams of creating a family cafe where parents can come with their kids. For now, her main calling is to take care of her son. He makes her very happy and she loves his smile. Ksusha is very cheerful, emotional, talented, and active. She is a loving and caring mother but it is a challenge for her to spend almost all the time at home with her baby. She lives with her husband and their son in a rented apartment. The government could not give her an apartment because there are none available in the region where she came from.
Please pray that she could feel God’s love for her and that she and her little family would come to Jesus Christ. Please also pray for wisdom and emotional stability for her and her husband.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23264

Pasha K in Ukraine

Gender: Male
Grade: N/A
DOB: 9/14/98

Pasha lived in the orphanage for ten years and was one of the first graduates in our program. He has two older brothers and one sister. A lot of things have happened in his life recently. Pasha has gone back to school to finish college. He has become more and more self reliant. He is working towards his dream of becoming a coach. Pasha is good at every sport and he and his mentors believe he would thrive as a coach. Much was sown in his life, may God grow everything that was sown. Pray that Pasha will succeed and he will continue to make good choices.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23271

Oksana K in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: TECH
DOB: 10/11/94

Both of her parents are alive, she has contact with them but they can't support her. Oksana was born with cerebral palsy. Her parents refused to take her and she grew up in an orphanage for kids with special needs. When she was 15, her mother reappeared but she stayed at the orphanage because they decided it would be traumatic to move.
Oksana graduated from the Institute of Physical Education. She studied physical training there. She was a professional athlete in volleyball and powerlifting then she changed her sport to badminton. She has already taken silver in the international championship. Her goal is to take part in the Paralympics. She wants to be a massage therapist or badminton coach in future. She is helpful, purposeful and patient. She has achieved the needed level in sport and has her training as a job now. Oksana takes life's difficulties with strength and a positive attitude. She always glorifies God in her competitions. She is a part of a Bible study group with her best friend Yana Z every week. She loves to study the Word of God. Oksana has continued renting a room in the university dormitory after her graduation. Please pray that God helps her to have emotional stability during her training and competitions and she finds a way to safely reduce stress levels.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23269

Sponsor Oksana K

Roma C in Ukraine

Gender: Male
Grade: N/A
DOB: 3/8/00

Roma has two brothers. The younger one was adopted and the older one lived with him at the orphanage. He is an independent guy, and copes with many issues in his life.
He worked for a year in a Korean restaurant, got good practice and experience as an assistant chef. Now he has changed jobs, and works in a nice, new, youth restaurant in the center of our city. He does it very well and he likes it. Also, when he attends meetings for the aging-out program, he brings interesting culinary masterpieces. Roma is a good friend, interesting person, and talented not only in food preparation but also in many areas. Please pray for Roma- that God leads him in his life.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23273

Max N in Ukraine

Gender: Male
Grade: COLL
DOB: 2/6/00

Max has spent most of his life in the orphanage. He has two older sisters and one older brother. Despite the hardships Max has faced throughout his life, having a good relationship with his siblings is very important to him and something he will continue to pursue and work towards. He successfully finished college, where he studied welding.
He got a good job at ceramic scarf factory. He has good, interesting job and good salary. One thing to know about Max is that he enjoys a good pair of quality shoes. One day, he would love to open his own store. He would also love to work abroad and try to make money to own his own housing. He likes sports and plays soccer almost every week with other guys from the Aging-Out program. Max is a true friend. He’s trustworthy and very loyal. Please pray for him and his way in life. Pray that he feels the hand of God in everything.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23272

Sponsor Max N

Artem B in Ukraine

Gender: Male
Grade: COLL
DOB: 11/2/97

Artem is a hard worker. He has a younger sister, who is also in our project. He and his sister live in a house together. Artem is student of University. He studied for one year Hebron, a Christian IT school but the IT school is experiencing some difficulties, so he decided to go to university. He is studying English and is considering different future opportunities in terms of work. Artem is responsible and moving in the right direction. He attends Sunday school and is active in church. He is helpful and helps a lot in the office for the Aging Out program. Pray for Artem, for his future, and that God gives him direction for his life.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23275

Sponsor Artem B

Sasha C in Ukraine

Gender: Male
Grade: UNIV
DOB: 6/16/96

Sasha successfully finished his degree in ecology at the University. He remains part of the Para Badminton National team of Ukraine where he competes at different levels and defends the honor of his country. His dream is to take part in Paralympics Games in Tokyo, Japan 2021 and he is stubbornly moving towards this goal. He went through surgeries and difficult circumstances but continues to play sports despite the difficulties. He has a very strong personality and is a stubborn and purposeful guy. Please, pray for his health and mind set going through difficulties.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23274

Sponsor Sasha C

Anya B in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: COLL
DOB: 8/3/99

Anya has one brother but both of her parents have died. Anya was put in an orphanage when she was 8 years old. Her mother died and her father was deprived of parental rights.She graduated from a technical school and a college specializing in industrial training technician and construction technologist. She didn’t enter a University last year but she has an opportunity to do it this year. So she is in the enrollment process now.
Her dream is to become a clothing designer. She wants to take a sewing course. Anya likes drawing, listening to live music, reading books and spending time with friends in small groups. She also enjoys her alone time. Anya loves any kind of animal. She is loving and caring to her friends. Anya and her brother have inherited a house from their parents and are trying to get the official documents. The house is not livable and needs many repairs including putting in gas, water and a sewage system. Thus Anya lives in a social dormitory for orphans. Please pray for her emotional healing and inner motivation for her life and dreams.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23504

Ruslan L in Ukraine

Gender: Male
Grade: COLL
DOB: 9/16/98

Ruslan has grown up in the orphanage ever since childhood. He has now successfully finished the college of Electricity. Ruslan has faced some horrible incidents in his life, including losing his brother in a car accident. At a young age, his only sister was adopted and now living in the US. Ruslan currently works in a warehouse for a supermarket. He is developing new skills and is learning and becoming better and better. Last year, he bought an apartment under the state program. With help, he is planning repairs for his apartment and calculating what he needs and how much it might cost. Ruslan has already started saving money for these upgrades.
Ruslan likes and is really good at sports. He plays soccer with the other guys in the Aging-Out program every week. Going through different periods and difficulties in life, Ruslan has began to trust and value his relationships more. He is a good person; an honest guy who is still figuring out who he wants to be. Please pray for Ruslan, his health and overall success.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23276

Sponsor Ruslan L

Valentin I in Ukraine

Gender: Male
Grade: N/A
DOB: 6/3/98

Valentin grew up in a village and entered the orphanage there when he was a child. He has two brothers and three sisters, and his parents are still alive and still live in the village. Valentin has successfully finished college of welding. He is now putting his degree to work as a welder. He currently rents an apartment with his sister.
He does not have the status of an orphan, so there is no prospect of receiving housing help from the state. He works hard to save money and possibly buy housing in the future.Valentin enjoys attending church and Bible study group. He is a good, interesting and honest person. Please pray for Valentin's health and future.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23518

Sponsor Valentin I

Katya K in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: COLL
DOB: 1/14/01

Katya's parents died when she was 10 and she was then taken to the orphanage.
She graduated from technical school with a specialty in electricity and entered a University. She also works part time. Katya is very interested in psychology and different self-development trainings. She wants to be a trainer and do her own self-development training programs. She has already read a lot of psychological literature and she takes as many trainings as she can. She tries not to waste her time. She is happy when she is busy with interesting studying or fruitful activities. She also keeps studying English. Katya is caring and friendly. She likes drawing, reading and photography. She is energetic, responsible and caring. She takes care of her friends.
Katya lives in a social dormitory for orphans as she has no place of her own to live.
Please pray that Katya comes to know Christ. She has about Him and used to go to church and study the Bible but doesn't have a personal relationship with him.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23576

Oleg I in Ukraine

Gender: Male
Grade: UNIV
DOB: 3/11/97

Oleg was sent to the orphanage due to parental neglect. Oleg has a brother and sister who also graduated from the orphanage. He is not close to either sibling. His mother passed away while he was at the orphanage and he is not really close to his father. Oleg tries to help support his father and visit on occasion despite their difficult relationship.
Last year, Oleg bought an apartment with the help of a state program. It is a great joy for him and all of his friends and mentors. He also had a minor surgery last year, but is fully recovered and is able to work and move better. He graduated from the University, and now starting adult life. He attends Bible school and is active in his Church. It is obvious that God is transforming his life. Oleg thinks about doing social work and so he can help others. He would want to go back to school at a Christian University. Please pray for his health and his future.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-24272

Julia G in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: COLL
DOB: 9/17/97

Julia lost her mother and has never met her father. She just recently met her four siblings, two bothers and two sisters. As a newborn, Julia was placed in an orphanage with kids with special needs. She then was moved around several times from orphanage to orphanage. Her life has not been easy but she continues to keep her head up and persevere through the many challenges. Julia is currently studying nutrition technology in college after graduating from technical school. She likes cooking and her desire is to learn to cook from a professional chef. She is a very responsible, hardworking and modest girl. She loves traveling and she dreams of traveling abroad especially to visit her best friend who moved to the USA. She has also started learning English. Julia is very active and likes to help everywhere. She enjoys listening to music and drawing. She also loves kids. Julia lives in a college dormitory and is now in the process of finding an apartment because the Ukrainian government gave her money for this. She started to go to a church again and she is interested in the Word of God so please pray about changes in her heart. Pray that she would come to Christ and grow in her faith.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23575

Karina R in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: COLL
DOB: 1/1/95

Karina arrived in the orphanage at the age of 13 due to a dangerous living situation with her mother. While in the orphanage, her mother passed away. She does not know her father. Karina has a younger brother who is still in the orphanage and a sister who was adopted from birth, but Karina does not know her. Karina is very modest young lady and always smiling. She loves to draw and sing. After graduating from the orphanage in 2019, Karina now attends college, studying Nutrition Technology. She lives in a college dormitory because she does not have her own housing or inheritance. She loves children very much and wants to become a kindergarten teacher in the future. Please pray for Karina, her health and overall success.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-24566

Anya G in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: TECH
DOB: 1/1/00

Anya arrived at the orphanage at the age of 14, which was six months after her mother's passing. She has four sisters, but she communicates with only two of them. Her younger sister is in an orphanage for children with special needs. Anya is very athletic and was engaged in wrestling in the orphanage. Anya graduated from the orphanage in 2019. She attempted college in another city but was lonely without friends, so transferred to the technical school in Dnipro. She is now studying at the Polygraphic Technical School for typography. She lives in the school dormitory. She gets along well with children and loves to draw and embroider. Anya has not yet decided what she wants to do in the future. Please pray for Anya, for her health and future success.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-24567

Sponsor Anya G

Tanya S in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: TECH
DOB: 10/21/98

Tanya is studying management at University now. She lives in the University dorm because the house which was inherited from her grandmother is uninhabitable and dilapidated with walls falling down and rotting floors. The house is without running water, a sewage system, and heat. She faces many emotional and health problems in her independent life because of her traumas in the past. Despite this, she is fun, friendly, caring, and generous. She likes to draw and cook and she loves to take care of kids. She dreams one time to build her own business. She is good at sales. It is difficult for her to be consistent and constant on the way to achieve the goal but she doesn’t give up. She is fond of traveling in Ukraine with the other young adults in the aging-out program and tries to take part in all our activities. Please pray that God heals her physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23263

Dima V in Ukraine

Gender: Male
Grade: UNIV
DOB: 6/16/98

Dima is from the village where he spent his childhood under the care of his sister. Besides his sister, he has two brothers. Dima tries to help provide for and take care of his family as much as possible. In doing so, Dima had to leave his studies behind at the University for now. He is open to new knowledge and new experiences in life. He tried working at a car service station, working in a restaurant as a waiter and barista. He tries different areas of work and looks for what he likes and what he would like to develop further. Dima has plans to go abroad in Poland, to try to work there. He is bright and enjoys learning new things. He is a creative thinker. Please pray that Dima's health and future.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-24235

Sponsor Dima V

Tanya I in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: UNIV
DOB: 3/11/97

Tanya grew up in a school-orphanage, along with 3 brothers and 2 sisters, when Tanya's parents were deprived of parental rights. However, Tanya was not given an orphan status and therefore she couldn't qualify for adoption and still lives without parental or government support. Tanya graduated from University (hotel and restaurant business) and now she works at a bank call center and wants to advance in the bank. Tanya is very active, responsible and intelligent. Tanya is a good leader and positive influence on her friends; she can be relied on. Tanya helps her siblings as much as she can. She is loving and caring; children like her very much. She likes sports and plays ping pong. She studies English and also wants to study make-up and photography.
She has no place of her own and is now renting a room in an apartment with her brother. Please pray for her mother so that she Tanya could have a better relationship with her. Please also pray for Tanya, for her health, future and spiritual growth.

She graduated from technical school and then from college and now is at the University where she studies Management. She works at a bank call center and would love to be able to advance within the bank. Despite the difficulties she's faced, Tanya is a positive influence and a good leader. She's dependable and loving. Tanya enjoys playing sports and is really good at ping pong. She studies English and wants to learn more about makeup and photography. Please continue to pray for Tanya, her health, and overall success.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23262

Sasha R in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: COLL
DOB: 11/12/98

Sasha came to the orphanage at age six when both of her parents passed away. She has two siblings who were sadly separated. Her brother was adopted and her sister went to live with a foster family. But now all three of them keep in touch.
She graduated from technical school studying painting and plasterwork. She studies building in college right now and she will graduate this summer. She tries to work from time to time. Sasha is a loving young mother. Her son Timur is four years old (year of birth 2017). The birth of her son greatly changed her life. She became more responsible and mature. She tries to give her son all her love and care and also continues to learn to be a mother. Sasha is very friendly and sociable. Her dream is to become a professional make-up artist. She has already taken some makeup lessons and did beautiful makeup for her friends. She even has helped to
do makeup for girls in the orphanage she used to live at. Sasha and her son live in a one-room apartment that she inherited. This apartment is for her and her 2 siblings but they don’t live there now. Please pray for Sasha and her son. Pray for their health and their future.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23267

Yana Z in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: N/A
DOB: 12/21/92

Yana was born with cerebral palsy. Her parents couldn't care for her, which led Yana to grow up in an orphanage among other children with special needs. She has one brother who grew up with their mother. She studied sewing at the technical school but could not complete it due to her disability. She now has a part time job: embroidery. She also does bead paintings which are beautiful. She tried different kinds of sports and chose track: shot put, javelin throw and drive. She took silver and bronze in the Ukraine championships. She wants to develop in sports and her goal is to take part in the Paralympics. She always has a smile and never complains even while enduring difficult life circumstances. In spite of her difficulties she is always friendly, grateful and cheerful. Yana inherited her father's house but it is unlivable and she needs a place to live. She used to live in a retirement home for elderly and disabled people. She is currently in the process of moving to a new city because she is engaged and is going to get married soon.She is the best friend of Oksana K and they study the Bible together every week. Please pray for Yana, for her journey in life, and for her relationship with her future husband.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23265