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Keep Tilling the Soil

Recently, I shared one of my morning devotionals with our international leadership and US Staff because we've been facing a higher-than-usual number of challenges-from specific programmatic difficulties to having to reroute a mission trip because of unforeseen obstacles. With these hindrances on top of our normal workload, the feeling of discouragement has not felt far off. As Orphan Outreach’s leader, I feel like it is my job to make sure our morale stays high.

Whatever the case is, God knows everything we’re facing. The devotional highlights that the brokenness we might feel in life’s challenges is not meant to discourage us, but rather it is opportunity to see the Lord’s grace transform us. In every hard conversation, tear shed, and re-direct, God promises to waste nothing and use everything for His glory, growing us as an organization to better fulfill our mission.

On top of pondering this message, I have also been spending time studying Galatians 5. A key takeaway is that meditating on the Holy Spirit is what produces the spiritual fruit in our lives. I cannot be the one to force growth, to hold all the answers, or to make the impossible happen-that is the Holy Spirit’s job. My job is to cultivate and create the environment in which that is welcomed. As a servant of Christ, I am responsible for tilling the ground, making sure the soil is good, and providing water, but producing the fruit-that is in God’s hands.

Let this be a reminder for us: God is the one in control and He uses life’s challenges to mold us into our purpose.

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