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Orphan Outreach

Photography and Social Media Guidelines 

  • You are allowed to take individual photos of and with the children. Such photos should be for personal use only (i.e. sharing with family, supporters, fellow trip participants). Posting on social media sites should be within the guidelines presented herein. This does not apply to photos provided to Orphan Outreach for use in communications about your trip or the ministry. 
  • You are allowed to take and post group pictures of the children and group pictures of activities your team does.
  • Out of respect for the locals, trip participants will ask anyone, whether a child, ministry staff or local, before taking his or her picture.
  • Photos should be taken with discretion and treat the subjects with full dignity and respect. Before you take a picture, think "would I want a photo taken of me?" and before you share a story, think "what would I want said about me in this instance?"
  • Photos should never be taken that would reflect poorly on the country's government or its people.
  • All photos of the children and staff should seek to reflect God’s love and the beauty of His creation. 
  • No matter the type of communication, please refrain from providing significant personally identifiable information about the people we are ministering to - our goal is to care for them, not exploit them or endanger them.
  • Any contact through social media with children and staff at ministry sites should be above reproach and not involve any ministry details. All communication must go through the Orphan Outreach staff. We ask that trip leaders help us in guarding the children and staff in this area. 
  • There will be certain areas where photography will not be allowed at all except by Orphan Outreach staff. Please honor the instructions of the staff.
  • Certain countries may have additional restrictions on posting photos online according to their country’s laws. We must respect the authorities in each place by adhering to these guidelines. For example, at orphanages in Guatemala you cannot post ANY individual photos (including selfies) of the children on the Internet or any social media. This does not apply to schools or community programs where your team may be serving.
  • If there is ever a question as to the appropriateness of an item as it relates to the parameters of these guidelines, it is safest simply not to share.