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Gender: Female
Grade: GRAD
DOB: 8/1/01

From 2008 to 2013, Alina lived in a social-care center with her half-brother, Rihards. In the summer of 2013, she was taken in by her aunt and moved to Ukraine, who became her foster mother. Alina lived in Ukraine until November of 2020. She graduated from high school and entered university to study law. Then her foster father, who financially supported her, died and it became even more difficult for Alina difficult to live in Ukraine. She made the difficult decision to leave Ukraine and return to Latvia. She is currently staying with her biological father and waiting in line to get a social apartment. She actively looked for a job and worked a few weeks at a local fish factory, but could not keep it because she had severe pain in her leg/hip area and did not earn enough money. Her ultimate dream is to become successful and help her brother have a better life so he doesn't make poor decisions. Alina wants to live independently in her own apartment. She wants to work, take care of herself and if possible, enter the University of Latvia next year to continue her studies. Alina is known to be a smart, bright, analytical and sincere young woman. She will most likely need scholarship for her studies and financial help to pay for her utilities and rent. Currently, she is working at a grocery store to support herself. When she is not working, Alina likes to ride her bicycle, go on walks, and take pictures. Please pray for Alina's future plans, health, and faith.

Sponsorship Code: LAGRAD-24708

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Other children available for sponsorship...

Darja in Latvia

Gender: Female
Grade: N/A
DOB: 4/4/07

Darja lived in an orphanage until age eleven, when she moved in with her biological mother and brother. Together, they live in a one-bedroom apartment. They have an assistant that comes every other week to help their family in any way needed. Darja has a few learning difficulties, so she attends a specific program to help her continue growing. In the next few years, she hopes to finish school successfully and enter a technical school. Those who know Darja best say that she is communicable and open to fellowship with friends. She enjoys attending events and youth gatherings at her church, and finds that it gives her great joy. She believes in God and hopes to continue growing her faith! Please be in prayer for improvement in Darja's health, growth in her studies, and unity in her family.

Sponsorship Code: LAGRAD-24700

Sponsor Darja

Dzanita in Latvia

Gender: Female
Grade: N/A
DOB: 6/10/94

Dzanita was placed in a Jelgava orphanage in 2003. Her mom abandoned her when she was very young. She has sisters and brothers, but she has never met them. Dzanita shared that her father was very abusive, both emotionally and physically, which took a long time to recover from. After her recovery, she was placed in the orphanage. From age 16 to 18, Dzanita lived in Sweden with "godparents" that the orphanage selected for her. During this time, she had several plastic surgeries done to repair the damage done from her childhood trauma. While living in Sweden, Dzanita did not love the way her body looked, but she walked away from the surgeries feeling much more confident in herself. Dzanita has returned back to Latvia, started going to church, and joined our program. Through this, God has done an amazing work in her heart. Dzanita has a daughter, who was born in January of 2020. In January 2023, she married the father of her child. Dzanita is a stay-at-home mom, but hopes to find a job soon. Please pray that a job opportunity would arise. Please also pray for her health, the wellbeing of her family, and for her to continue growing in her love for God.

Sponsorship Code: LAGRAD-24701

Sponsor Dzanita

Kadrija in Latvia

Gender: Female
Grade: N/A
DOB: 1/15/99

Kadrija began living at the orphanage at a young age and was there until she turned 18. After she graduated from the system, she was granted a one room apartment at the city's social house. Because there are many life changes that come with graduation, Kadrija has been assigned an assistant that will guide her in making decisions. In her free time, she loves to draw, paint, and listen to music. She is a very talented artist! Kadrija has a hard time keeping her attention on projects for longer period of times, so she often does not finish her art. Currently, Kadrija does not have a job, but she wants to find a place to work. In 2022, she received a new apartment from the government, so she has been spending a lot of time there until she finds a job. Please pray that Kadrija would be able to find work that would support her and lead her to new opportunities. Please also pray for her health, future, and for the deepening of her faith.

Sponsorship Code: LAGRAD-24711

Sponsor Kadrija

Martins in Latvia

Gender: Male
Grade: GRAD
DOB: 12/12/97

Martins lives at the orphanage until he turned 18. Though he lived in Sweden for awhile, he is back in Latvia and continues to work in construction as an assistant. Those who know Martins say that he is hardworking, responsible, and goal-oriented. In his free time, he often watches sports and works to improve his art skills. Martins's goals for the next few years are to secure a full-time job and form a strong relationship with his daughter. He is good at taking care of kids and hopes to care for his daughter well. Martins lost his social apartment, so he is currently living in several different places, most often with his mother. Please join him in prayer for his living situation, for his family, and for his future.

Sponsorship Code: LAGRAD-24770

Sponsor Martins

Rihards in Latvia

Gender: Male
Grade: GRAD
DOB: 6/3/99

Rihards lived in the Jelgava orphanage until he turned 19. He then moved into an apartment in the social house, where he is helped by an assistant. Together, they cook, clean, and do many different art projects. When he is not at his apartment, he enjoys his time spent at our program. Rihards is known to be a friendly, happy, and humorous young man. Because of his personality, he quickly makes friends wherever he goes. In his free time, Rihards enjoys listening to music and watching sports. He also loves going to church every Sunday with his assistant. Rihards has many goals, including: repairing his room, learning how to rollerblade, getting his own apartment from the state, and regularly attending program meetings. Please pray for him and his assistant - for their health, future, and deep love for the Lord. Please also pray that Rihards would be able to keep his assistant, as she is incredibly helpful and shares a special bond with him.

Sponsorship Code: LAGRAD-24714

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