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Will you sponsor Angeles?

Gender: Female
Grade: 5
DOB: 8/7/10

As you may know, Angeles lives with her mother and three siblings. Her mother and sister sell tortillas, her brother works as a farmer, and her twin sister attends the CCC program with her. Angeles can now make tortillas and often helps her mom and sister with them! She is happiest when she is with all of her family members, and is eager to help them with whatever they need. She often washes dishes, makes her bed, and sweeps the home to help. Angeles is known to be a rather shy, yet very kind, young girl. When asked what she likes most about herself, she replied, "My eyes because I can see and they are beautiful!" At school, Angeles is enjoying her math class, because she learns numbers that are useful when they buy at the market. She also likes her art class because she loves to draw. She hopes to continue her education to become a veterinarian in the future. In her free time, Angeles can be found playing soccer, working on puzzles, and playing with her dolls. She is also excited for any opportunity to have her favorite meal: chicken with sauce and lemonade. Angeles loves the story of Noah's Ark in the Bible and asks that you would pray for her family and life. Please also pray for her health and studies.

Sponsorship Code: GURAS-24531

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Other children available for sponsorship...

Diego in Guatemala

Gender: Male
Grade: 11
DOB: 11/13/05

Diego still lives with his parents and two brothers. His mother stays home to care for the family, while his father works as a hired hand to earn a living. Diego sells clothing in his free time, typically on the weekends, so he can support the family financially. He also helps them around the home when it is needed. Those who know Diego describe him as a fun and active young man. His favorite thing about himself is that he is friendly to all! When he has free time, Diego likes to play soccer and video games with friends. He also enjoys fixing phones when possible and finds it to be his special talent. Diego is most proud of himself each time he passes a school year. In the next few years, he hopes to graduate from high school and become a good person and professional. He is studying business administration and dreams of owning his own company one day! Diego loves Psalm 4 in the Bible, and asks that you would pray for him to pass each grade and move forward in life. Please also pray for his family, future, and faith.

Sponsorship Code: GUGSGRAD-24135

Sponsor Diego

Keimy in Guatemala

Gender: Female
Grade: 9
DOB: 2/19/08

As you may know, Keimy lives with her parents and siblings: two sisters and two brothers. Her father works as a construction hand and her mother is a housewife, looking after the needs of their family. She helps her mother by doing household chores and cooking. Keimy is known to be a shy, yet cheerful girl who enjoys playing soccer and basketball. She also finds dancing to be a special talent of hers! When asked what she likes best about herself, Keimy said, "my personality, my character, and my positivity." Her goals for the next few years are to complete 9th grade and successfully complete high school. Keimy is proud to have made it to 9th grade, and she hopes to continue her studies so she can obtain a career she truly loves. Her favorite Bible verse is Psalm 20:1 and she asks that you pray for her family, academic success, and for a strong job in the future. Please also pray for her faith.

Sponsorship Code: GUGSGRAD-22733

Sponsor Keimy

Rosario in Guatemala

Gender: Female
Grade: 5
DOB: 8/7/10

As you may know, Rosario lives with her mother, who sells tortillas, and three siblings. Her older sister helps her mother make tortillas, her brother is a farmer, and her twin sister joins her in the CCC program. After her father left them, Rosario says she feels happiest when her parents are together. She desires to help her mother in any way possible, and can often be found cleaning her room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. Those who know Rosario say that she is cheerful and friendly, quick to befriend others. Her favorite thing about herself is her joyful smile because it is pretty. In her free time, Rosario can be found drawing, painting, and playing soccer. She also loves any chance to have her favorite meal: stew with a coke on the side. At school, Rosario's favorite subjects are communications and English, because she wants to learn another language. She hopes to continue her education to become a doctor in the future. Rosario's favorite Bible story is Noah's Ark and she asks that you would pray for her family. Please also pray for her health, education, and future.

Sponsorship Code: GURAS-24530

Sponsor Rosario