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Orphan Outreach

The need has never been more urgent for orphaned and vulnerable children.

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What care is being provided to the children served by Orphan Outreach?

Ministry to orphaned and vulnerable children doesn’t end, especially in troubling times. In fact, the words of James 1:27 become more powerful than ever:

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this:
to visit orphans and widows in their affliction,
and to keep oneself unstained from the world.

That’s exactly what’s happening in the countries we serve around the world. More children, families, and communities are being helped than ever before. Emergency aid is being provided to many children and families in crisis due to food and water insecurity.

As of 20 September 2020:

  • In Guatemala, children and families served by all of our community-based, special needs, and educational programs continue to receive emergency relief, including food bags, hygiene products, and learning kits for the kids. Teachers are offering remote and virtual instruction whenever possible to help children continue to practice what they've learned in school so they won't fall behind while classrooms remain closed. In addition, our NGO ANIFU has been called upon to provide assistance to a home for children with special needs in Chimaltenango, and to highly vulnerable young mothers and their little ones in Guatemala City. And and the Community Care Center, food is now being provided to at-risk families referred by staff and families in the program. Though the country has begun reopening, with travel restrictions lifted and public transportation now operational, food insecurity remains at an all-time high. Schools will not reopen until early 2021, based on the Ministry of Education. Because of the student population, Down Guatemala will not hold in-person classes until the end of first quarter 2021. Airports have reopened for commercial flights.
  • In Honduras, the NiCo team is staying connected to students and their families each week with special learning kits so that the children may continue to study at home. The staff has been given special permission to provide food and cleaning products for the families as well, and families say that, with no work available, the help they are receiving is their lifeline and hope. Our NGO AME has been called upon to provide food and infant essentials for moms and their babies who are in prison, as well as to provide food for 30 families who are currently homeless. Social restrictions and curfews remain in place through early October 2020.
  • In Russia, technology is keeping our team connected daily to orphanage directors in the midst of quarantine, and classes are being taught via Zoom to children eager to attend. Regular phone calls and WhatsApp messages are also keeping our team connected to each young adult in our aging out initiative as they navigate life so that their essential needs may be met. Grocery bags are being delivered to homes, and one young adult even received much-needed furniture for her apartment. Essentials are also being delivered to orphanages. Families in the municipality program are receiving ongoing mentorship and guidance to navigate job loss, support services, and legal services.
  • In Ukraine, reopening continues in the country, and young adults in our aging out program are meeting again on a limited basis. Basic groceries and other essentials are continuing to be provided, as well as counseling.
  • In Latvia, reopening is continuing in the country, and moms and their little ones are once again able to visit the Family Support Center for training and support. Food and baby care essentials are continuing to be provided. At the Day Centre, social distancing measures have been put into place to safeguard the children. Meals are provided daily. And care continues for young adults in our aging out initiative.
  • In Kenya, food, clean water, hygiene products, and learning materials are being provided to families weekly at both Patmos School and Madeleine School, including students in our higher education program. Our social workers are continuing to educate families on the importance of keeping the basic hygiene the students have learned in school, as well as maintaining regular contact with students for counseling and other support as needed.Engaging and staying connected with students is critical during this time as they are at risk of falling behind educationally and are highly vulnerable to societal dangers. Those living in Nairobi remain under partial lockdown. The Kenyan government has confirmed that primary and secondary schools will likely not reopen until the beginning of 2021 (though there is discussion that there may be an opportunity to reopen at the end of 2020), and students will repeat their current year of education.
  • In India, at Gan Sabra, food and medicines are being delivered to families in the Gan Sabra community program as part of a special task force formed by the local government as the area returns to lockdown status due to an increase in COVID cases. Children at the home are committed to praying daily for healing and restoration. At House of Grace, provisions were gathered prior to lockdown to ensure the children and young adults home from college would have plenty of food, soap, and personal effects. There is study time each day, and everyone is also learning new hobbies like baking and music. Parts of the country are reopening after an extensive lockdown, but social restrictions remain in place. The government has indicated that schools may reopen in October, but exact plans will vary by state.
  • In Nepal, emergency food has been distributed to many of the families whose children attend the Godawari Education Center. The area remains restricted, and it is unsure when schools will reopen.

We update this report on a regular basis, so please check back for new information!

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How are SPONSORSHIP funds being utilized?

Kids are our priority at Orphan Outreach, and we know they’re your priority too! As a sponsor, you’ve seen firsthand the impact made on orphaned and vulnerable children when they’re provided the essentials of care they need to thrive.

Even now, your sponsor child is receiving care.

Our global team has never worked more diligently to find creative ways to serve the children in the midst of such tumultuous times. We are so very thankful for our staff and our ministry partners in Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa! Orphan Outreach ministry partners providing residential care are continuing to ensure each child receives what they need. And at our schools, after-school, aging out, and community-based programs, the goal is to do our best to provide the children and young adults with the support they need.

PHYSICAL CARE Soap, meals, food staples, and water are among the items being delivered to homes wherever possible.

EMOTIONAL CARE Teachers and social workers are checking in on children, young adults, and families via phone, providing tutoring, counseling, encouragement, prayer, and most of all—connection.

EDUCATIONAL CARE For some of our children, educational resources were provided prior to “shelter in place” directives, and for others, where possible, teachers are offering tutoring sessions by phone to help keep kids engaged. Additionally, in all our programs, special attention was given to ensuring each child or young adult understood the necessity of hand washing and good personal hygiene.

SPIRITUAL CARE We continue to pray as a global family for every child we serve and to provide tangible hope in whatever ways we can to reflect Christ’s love and compassion. We trust in the Lord’s goodness and redemptive promises as Father to the fatherless and Defender of the defenseless. We invite you to join us in praying daily for the orphaned and vulnerable, for caregivers, for healthcare workers, and for the governments in each country served by Orphan Outreach.


Currently, most mission trips through the fall of 2020 have been rescheduled. Other mission trips are being evaluated as an opportunity to serve, as we carefully monitor international travel and communicate directly with those trip participants. We’ll provide regular updates if trips are rescheduled or canceled.

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