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Orphan Outreach

ACK Madeleine Centre

Located in Mechimeru, Bungoma County

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ACK Madeleine Centre is a private Christian school offering holistic care and support for children living in the village of Mechimeru, Kenya. Students in pre-K through 9th grade not only receive a quality education, but also are provided two meals each day. Trained counselors and medical workers serve both the students and their families, and an agricultural program offers both nutrition for the school and job training for the students.

Mechimeru is an impoverished, rural town in northwest Kenya, only a few miles from the Ugandan border. Families in Mechimeru face extreme poverty, and many children live with their extended families because their parents have died of AIDS. The opportunity for children to receive a quality education is setting the course for the cycle of poverty to be broken. ACK Madeleine Centre has received high praise from leaders as providing the best holistic care to students. The performance of the graduating 8th graders has ranked #1 among all Anglican schools in Kenya, and most are accepted into high-quality secondary schools.

The ACK Madeleine Centre is also home to the Pike Roper Medical Centre, offering basic medical services to students and their families.

Orphan Outreach partners with ACK Madeleine Centre, providing expertise and oversight to ensure high-quality sustainable care. Resources provided to the school include support of staff salaries, curriculum, food, medical professionals and social workers, and agricultural needs. Support is also provided through sponsorships that enable children to attend the school and through church partnerships and mission teams that offer mentoring, tutoring, medical and dental clinics, and more. Orphan Outreach leaders are working with the Archbishop of Kenya to see how the ACK Madeleine Centre model of care may be replicated in other parts of the country.

ACK Madeleine Community Support Centre was founded in April 2011 through the generosity of the Forsberg family of Sweden. The property is owned by the Anglican Church of Kenya, Diocese of Bungoma.

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