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Will you sponsor Dima?

Gender: Male
Grade: UNIV
DOB: 6/16/98

Dima, originating from a village, spent his formative years under the care of his sister, with two brothers as part of the family. He now strives to support and care for his family. Dima, after completing IT school, initially sought employment in the IT sector without success. Currently working as a taxi driver, he aspires to expand his knowledge and transition to a different industry. Intelligent, creative, and inquisitive, Dima's potential for success and growth is evident. In these times of uncertainty, prayers are requested for both Ukraine and Dima, focusing on their overall well-being and continued progress.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-24235

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Other children available for sponsorship...

Anya in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: COLL
DOB: 8/3/99

Anya, along with her brother, faced the challenge of entering an orphanage at the age of 8 after her mother passed and her father was deprived of parental rights. Despite these hardships, Anya graduated from a technical school and college, specializing in industrial training and construction technology. Although she didn't enroll in a university last year, she is currently pursuing further education through various courses. Anya aspires to fulfill her dream of becoming a clothing designer or hairdresser. Amidst the challenges of war, Anya has temporarily relocated to a different country and is thriving. In her leisure time, she enjoys drawing, reading, playing with animals, and spending time with friends. Anya is known by others for her compassion, care, and kindness. She and her brother have inherited a house, and they are in the process of obtaining official documents, despite the property requiring extensive repairs. Because of this, she is currently residing in a social dormitory for orphans. Your prayers are appreciated for Anya's health, spiritual growth, and future endeavors.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23504

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Ruslan in Ukraine

Gender: Male
Grade: COLL
DOB: 9/16/98

Ruslan's upbringing in the orphanage has been marked by challenges, including the loss of his brother in a car accident and the adoption of his only sister, who now resides in the United States. Despite these hardships, Ruslan has shown remarkable resilience. He successfully completed his education at the College of Electricity and is currently employed at a pipe-rolling factory, continuously learning and growing. Living in the apartment he purchased, Ruslan is actively working on improving his financial management skills and cherishing his possessions. In his leisure time, he finds joy in watching and playing soccer, particularly with friends from the program. Those who know him best describe him as a kind, honest, and hardworking young man. Please be in prayer for Ruslan's overall well-being and for Ukraine during these challenging times.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23276

Sponsor Ruslan

Oksana in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: TECH
DOB: 10/11/94

Oksana, despite both parents being alive, was unable to receive their support, as she was born with cerebral palsy. Consequently, she grew up in a special needs orphanage. Reconnecting with her mother at the age of 15, Oksana chose to stay at the orphanage, considering a move potentially traumatic. Graduating from the Institute of Physical Education, Oksana specialized in physical training. She transitioned from being a professional athlete in volleyball and powerlifting to excelling in badminton, securing a silver in international championships. Currently residing in a different country for sports commitments, she continues to receive ongoing support from our staff in Ukraine. Described as helpful, intentional, and kind, Oksana maintains a positive outlook in life, persevering through any challenge she faces. With a deep love for God and His word, she aspires to serve Him through her badminton talent. Your prayers are appreciated for Oksana's future success, safety, and sustained spiritual growth.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23269

Sponsor Oksana

Valentin in Ukraine

Gender: Male
Grade: N/A
DOB: 6/3/98

Valentin spent the beginning of his childhood in a village and entered the local orphanage as a child. His parents, residing in the same village, are still alive. He also has a relationship with his two brothers and three sisters. Upon graduating from the orphanage, Valentin pursued welding at the technical school, culminating in a successful graduation and subsequent employment as a welder in a private company. He resides in a rented apartment with his sister. Valentin actively participates in church, fostering growth in his faith. He is also dedicated to attending our program meetings, enjoying fellowship with friends. Those who know Valentin describe him as kind and honest, which helps him in his work and friendships. Your prayers are appreciated for Valentin's future, professional endeavors, and spiritual journey, along with prayers for the well-being of Ukraine.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-23518

Sponsor Valentin

Anya in Ukraine

Gender: Female
Grade: TECH
DOB: 1/1/00

Anya came to the orphanage at 14, six months after her mother's passing. Her four sisters were left, as well, but she only communicates with two of them. One sister resides in a special needs orphanage. A skilled athlete, Anya excelled in wrestling at the orphanage and graduated in 2019. Initially attending college in another city, she felt isolated without friends and transferred to a technical school in Dnipro. Now in her third year, she is mastering the art of cooking and resides in the school dormitory. Anya finds joy in culinary creativity, cooking for herself and others. Apart from cooking, she channels her creativity through drawing and embroidering. Your prayers are sought for Anya's future, spiritual growth, and meaningful relationships. Please also pray for the country of Ukraine.

Sponsorship Code: UKGRAD-24567

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