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Will you sponsor Marissa?

Gender: Female
Grade: 4
DOB: 9/14/14

Marissa is an outgoing young girl who lives with her parents and three siblings. Her mother is a housewife and her father harvests coffee. She helps her parents by running errands and cleaning the home. In her free time, Marissa can be found singing, playing with dolls, and playing doctor. Her dream is to become a doctor someday so she can save the lives of people in need. As we know, becoming a doctor takes a lot of schooling, but Marissa is ready! She loves school, especially Spanish and science. She feels most proud of herself when she does her homework well. She also notes that she loves the hair God has given her, as well as her responsible personality. In the Bible, she enjoys reading the creation story. Marissa asks that you pray for her wellbeing. Please also pray for her education, faith, and family's health.

Sponsorship Code: HONICO-25614

Sponsor Marissa

Other children available for sponsorship...

Yoselin in Honduras

Gender: Female
Grade: 1
DOB: 11/15/17

Yoselin lives at home with her brother and parents. Her father is a bricklayer and her mother stays home. She loves music, imaginary play, playing sports, and is very collaborative. In school, she enjoys working with numbers in math class, and learning the alphabet in English. Yoselin says she would like to be a doctor when she grows up so that she can take care of others. Her favorite treat is cookies and apple juice. Yoselin requests prayer that The Lord would care for and protect her family. Please also pray for her health, education, and future as well.

Sponsorship Code: HONICO-25615

Sponsor Yoselin

Isaac in Honduras

Gender: Male
Grade: 4
DOB: 6/11/14

Isaac is an only child. His mother works as a housewife and his father sells various objects. Isaac's main responsibility at home is to run errands for his parents. He likes many different types of food, but his two favorites are nance and marmahon, a traditional Honduran dish. At school, Isaac enjoys his Spanish and mathematics classes. He feels most proud of himself when he successfully passes each grade! He hopes to continue his schooling to become a lawyer. In his free time, you can find Isaac riding his bike, running, drawing, and reading. He is often described as easy-going and kind - the qualities he likes most about himself. Isaac's favorite story in the Bible is Noah's Ark. He asks that you pray for his family's health. Please also pray for his academics, future, and deepening of his faith.

Sponsorship Code: HONICO-25617

Sponsor Isaac

Jose in Honduras

Gender: Male
Grade: 5
DOB: 5/31/11

Jose is an extroverted young boy who lives with his mother, older sister, and younger brother. His mother works as a housewife. His father passed away some time ago. When Jose is at home, he helps his mother by running errands. He is lucky if he can catch his favorite meal at home: spaghetti and blackberry juice! In his free time, Jose enjoys drawing, playing in the park, and going to school and NiCo. He loves all parts of going to school, but his favorite classes are mathematics and Spanish. Jose feels most proud of himself when he makes the honor roll at school! In the future, he wants to put his drawing skills to work by becoming an architect. When asked his favorite part about his personality and physique, Jose answered, "my eyes... and I'm funny!" His favorite story in Scripture is the story of Adam and Eve. He asks that you pray for God to help him with his studies. Please also pray for his family's wellbeing and for their love for the Lord to grow deeper.

Sponsorship Code: HONICO-25619

Sponsor Jose

Dylan in Honduras

Gender: Male
Grade: K
DOB: 5/16/18

Dylan lives with his mother and older sister. His mother is a high school student and currently works as an assistant in a grocery store. Dylan is known to be a participative and social child. As you can see, his smile lights up any room he enters! He is active and can most often be found painting or playing with toy cars. Dylan also enjoys spending time with friends. Some of his favorite things include: cereal, vegetables, the color red, and dogs. He loves all animals, but his pet, Macha, is his favorite. Please pray that Dylan would continue to grow in knowledge, both academically and spiritually. Please also pray for his family's health and wellbeing.

Sponsorship Code: HONECD-25635

Sponsor Dylan