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Mission Trips

The Need

Currently, there are more than 163 million orphans throughout the world, and due to extreme neglect, abandonment, immense poverty, hunger, and lack of education and care, every day another child is at risk of being added to that number.

You can help make a difference!

Why Go?

Join Orphan Outreach and personally experience God’s heart for His orphan children. As a mission trip participant, you will provide hope to orphans, who have already lost so much, and help prevent at-risk children from losing the little they have. You will impact their lives and they will forever change yours.

85% of all personal salvation's happen before the age of 18, and the more startling fact is that 80% of those decisions are made between the ages of 4 and 14.

If we are to win the world, we must begin by turning our hearts toward children. We must bring them to Christ, while their hearts are still within reach. We need individuals to join us in being the hands and feet of Christ in helping children know and understand the love their Heavenly Father has for them. Come share the love and grace of Christ, and make an eternal difference in the lives of individual children.

What do we do on our trips?

The sharing of your time, talent, and treasures, no matter how little they may seem, can offer an abundance of graces upon the lives of these children.  As a mission trip participant, you will help Orphan Outreach in supporting the long-term work that is already being done in the communities where Orphan Outreach is working.

Our mission trips include a wide variety of ministry activities, including sharing the gospel with children and families, building houses, renovating orphanages and schools, teaching English to children, ministering to children with HIV/AIDS, encouraging and training teachers, holding medical clinics, giving out food and water to people who work and live in a dump, and handing out backpacks, school supplies, and humanitarian aid.

Who Can Go?

Orphan Outreach coordinates trips for churches, schools and organizations based on your group’s schedule, interests, skill set and budget. Our desire is to provide opportunities for local U.S. churches to connect with what God is doing in the lives of children overseas. These trips are typically closed to outside individuals.

Trips are available for individuals from around the U.S. who would like to be part of a mission trip, but are not currently part of a specific group or church. We typically have at least one Individuals trip to each of our countries every year.

We offer summer internships for college students and young professionals. Interns have the opportunity to spend an extended time in a different culture and assist our overseas staff as they minister to the children and communities we serve.

To learn more about the different programs Orphan Outreach has in the countries we serve, click here.
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