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The Couple that Adopted a Village

The sound of singing is the first thing that greets Orphan Outreach mission team members walking the rutted orange clay roads toward Madeleine School in Bungoma, Kenya. As they round the bend, the team will be met by smiles, hugs, and dancing as they join the parade of students, women, and school leaders celebrating their arrival. For Jim Clawson and Carmen Scroggin, the greeting has become their special “welcome home” to the small rural village that now holds their hearts so tightly. The husband and wife from Addison, Texas, have done more than visit this place - they’ve adopted it, and are sharing it with their world.

A Mother's Hope - The Power of Sponsorship

Kristy Simpson recently joined a team that served for two weeks in Guatemala, where she spent time with orphans and vulnerable children in Xela, Santiago, Cerro de Oro, Chimaltenango, San Lucas, and Guatemala City. She also met the families that have been transformed by Good Shepherd Academy and the Ravine School. Her perspective on child sponsorship is a powerful one.

Katya's Story

Arriving home from a mission trip can be overwhelming. We experience so many emotions and trying to put into perspective what we saw and how the Lord used us on the trip. As days and weeks go by, we begin to get back into our normal routine and the days become filled with busyness. The mission trip can begin to seem like just a wonderful memory - it's easy to lose sight of how the Lord used you and I on that trip and the children whose lives we touched.

Sponsorship: Ultimate 'kwid preu 'kweu'

The term ‘kwid preu 'kweu’ now spelled ‘quid pro quo’ appeared in Latin first and English in the 16th century meaning literally, “getting something for something”.  It is used in diplomacy, economics and in modern day slang meaning - I will do something for you if you do something for me.

Father to the Fatherless

“LORD, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them. You will bring justice to the orphans and the oppressed, so mere people can no longer terrify them.” Psalm 10:17-18 (NLT) 

Jubilee Family Team Update

Day 3- First day to visit Jubilee School: What I did not see today was luxury cars, manicured lawns or nice houses.  What I did not see today was an orderly drop off line, perfectly clean and pressed uniforms, or a beautiful campus.  No frantic stay at home moms or professional dads.

Sponsor A Child
Dennis Wakhisi WafulaSponsor Me!

Dennis Wakhisi Wafula
Madeleine School
[Bungoma, Kenya]

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news and events

Travel with Orphan Outreach to Honduras • May 2 - 9

Join Orphan Outreach and 121 Community Church in serving children and families at Jubilee Centers International, a Christian school that has been a light in the slum community of La Era since 2009. This trip is also open to individuals from across the U.S. The team will help celebrate and honor the teachers and staff at Jubilee as they approach the end of the school year. They will also spend time ministering in the classrooms at Jubilee through Bible programs, games, and helping teachers with basic subjects.


news and events

We are very excited that more than 260 people attended the 5th annual luncheon to hear what a difference the WOW auxiliary is making for orphans and vulnerable children in Guatemala. Most thrilling of all, more than $50,000 was raised to help with the needs of the children in 2014!

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